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27 September 2016 - 25 Zulhajja 1437
Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai (IACAD) was founded on the twentieth of October 1969 by a decree issued by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum to establish the Department of Awqaf, which was responsible of listing, registering, and managing endowments in Dubai according to Islamic Shari'ah. The department started to grow gradually and its objectives and functions became more specific, after the issuing of Law No (7) of 1994 of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

Then, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, issued Law No (2) of 2011 defining the scope of powers and functions of IACAD.

The Law authorizes IACAD to determine the overall policy of the Islamic affairs and charitable works in Dubai; spread Islamic knowledge and culture, raise religious awareness across the community; and review and print the Holy Qur'an, religious publications and multimedia, and license their distribution.

The functions of the department include also establishing, licensing, supervising, and managing Holy Qur'an Memorization Centers; taking care of mosques and supervising them; licensing charitable associations and Islamic institutions and supervising their administrative, financial, and cultural affairs as well as approving their curricula; and regulating and supervising the affairs of Fatwa and issuing them.

The missions of the Islamic Affairs & Charitable
Activities Department are:

1. Propagate the Islamic culture and develop the religious awareness.

2. Supervise the printing of the Holy Quran, religious books and the visual and audio recordings.

3. Establish and supervise Holy Quran memorizing schools.

4. Care for mosques and supervise their management by coordinating with Awqaf and Minors Affairs.

5. Supervising the construction of mosques built by individuals and coordinating that with Dubai Municipality and Awqaf and Minors Affairs.

6. Supervising events, symposiums, conferences and religious competitions.

7. Supervise charitable establishments and centers administratively, financially and culturally.

8. Supervise research and Islamic studies centers and religious programs that are being broadcasted through the media.

9. Focus on the gracefulness of Islam and emphasize that Islam is appropriate for all times and places.

10. Enliven the Islamic heritage by collecting and investigating and studying what the Muslims need in their daily lives. Also find solutions for their problems.

11. Translate the works that serve the issues that matter to all Muslims.

12. Organize Haj affairs by coordinating with the specialized authorities across the country.

13. Protect the Islamic culture and spread it.

14. Work on the Fatawa.

15. License issuing to all Imams, preachers, lecturers, teachers and Moathens according to the system issued by the manager.

16. Publish a magazine that cares for Islam and use media to spread the message of that magazine.

Organizational Chart for Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department

Last Updated   22/09/2016
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