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The official Hajj delegation of Dubai Government return home after completing the Hajj

Thursday, 15 Aug 2019

The official Hajj delegation of Dubai Go

The official Hajj delegation of Dubai Government is returning from Mekka to the UAE through Dubai International Airport on Friday, after Rami al-Jamarat and Tawaf Al Wida (The Farewell Tawaf), at the end of the Hajj season of 1440, on Thursday.

Counselor Marwan Al Shehhi, Head of The official Hajj delegation of Dubai Government, thanked our leadership and praised the distinguished patronage of UAE Hajaj to perform the Manasik of Hajj easily and also thanked the Government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for providing all facilities to serve the guests of Allah.

Al-Shehhi explained that Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, represented by His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Sheikh Ahmed Al-Shaibani, Director General of the Department, provided all the possibilities for Hajaj to perform the Manasik with ease, through the continuous follow-up of the Director General. Alshehhi valued the trust of the Director General given for the Head of the delegation and the administrative members.

Al-Shehhi said that the Hajaj of the delegation are healthy after performing the Manasik, and offer heartfelt congratulations to all of them on the completion of the Hajj, praying to Allah to accept their Hajj.

On the other hand, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Kamali, the preacher of the delegation, gave a lecture on the importance of prayer in the life of a Muslim, and the need to perform properly, in compliance with Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and gave Hajaj a practical lesson about the Sunnah way of praying.

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