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Mohammed bin Rashid for Islamic Culture Center attracts 1000 students for the new academic year

Wednesday, 09 Oct 2019

Mohammed bin Rashid for Islamic Culture

The Department of Mohammed bin Rashid for Islamic Culture Center, of Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, has welcomed 1000 students from different communities living in Dubai for the new academic year 2019/2020, to continue its civilized work by spreading the moderate Islamic culture among different religions.

Hind Mohammed Lootah, Director of the Center, said that the Center seeks to achieve its strategic vision through spreading the moderate Islam, tolerance and coexistence among communities living in Dubai, by including several languages in the plan, in line with the cultural and social diversity that characterizes Dubai.

Lootah pointed out that the center has cooperated with 30 collaborating teachers who are fluent in the following languages: Tagalog, Urdu, English, Turkish, French, Arabic, Ethiopian and Singaporean, in order to reach the largest number of communities living in Dubai.

Shamsa Mohammed Bin Shafie, Head of the Students' Affairs section, pointed out that the study plan for the year 2019/2020 includes a range of lessons, lectures, workshops, educational and cultural courses. Learning Arabic reading and writing, and introducing Islamic culture and its principles, to help them understand the values of the true religion of Islam. Along with teaching Quran and the provisions of intonation, and the interpretation of Juz Amma, and the definition of the biography of our Prophet peace be upon him.

The Center received 1000 students from more than 10 different countries in the world, such as India, Pakistan, USA, South Korea, Portugal, Ethiopia, Spain, the Philippines and other countries.

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