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Al Masraf Arab Bank for Investment & Foreign Trade pays AED100000 for Abu Sheikha financial cases

Thursday, 30 Sep 2021

Al Masraf Arab Bank for Investment & For

Al Masraf Arab Bank for Investment & Foreign Trade - Islamic banking services ended the suffering of (Abu Sheikha - 45 years old) by paying AED 100,000, the remaining amount in financial cases amounting to AED 590,000.

The hotline of the Emirates today newspaper coordinated between the donors and the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai to transfer the donation amount to the Beit Al Khair Association, which in turn will transfer the amount to the Faraj Fund account to finalize the procedures of the case.

“My father had been suffering from several chronic diseases for years, and he had frequent clots, as well as suffering from shortness of breath and paralysis as a result of his strokes, and me, as the eldest of my brothers, I had to take my father to government and private hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.” (Abu Sheikha) said, telling his story to the "Emirates Today".

He explained that his father needed rehabilitation and physical therapy, so he addressed the government hospitals where this type of treatment is available, but he did not find any vacant bed for his father's condition, so he took him to a private hospital in Dubai to receive physical rehabilitation treatment up to four years. "

My father’s treatment bill amounted to AED 1,600,000, and I was paying from time to time,” (Abu Sheikha) added, “I succeed in negotiating with the hospital administration to reduce the treatment bill to AED one million, and I took a loan from a local bank of AED 750,000, in which AED250,000 left of the bill.” (Abu Sheikha) said.

He pointed out that his continues care and staying with his father's in the hospital caused the termination of his services from his work, as he was working in a government agency in Fujairah. His absence for a long time led to the termination of his services, after which his situation worsened a lot, and the hospital administration filed a lawsuit against him regarding the remaining amount of AED 250000.

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