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Mohammed bin Rashid Islamic Culture Center organizes an online seminar in Persian

Thursday, 30 Sep 2021

Mohammed bin Rashid Islamic Culture Cent

The Mohammed bin Rashid Islamic Culture Center of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai organized a seminar entitled “The Prophet, the Example” in persian language, in which Abdulla Munir Rajah, an imam in IACAD, presented September lesson within the framework of the religious awareness plan for the year 2021.

Shamsa Muhammad bin Shafi`, Head of the students Affairs section, indicated that indicated that the idea of the course “The Prophet, the Example” built on linguistic diversity on a monthly basis, with the aim of attracting various communities residing in Dubai. Shafi` explained that the courses cover the needs of different segments of society, which contributed to the promotion of correct Islamic principles, and consolidate the message of tolerance and coexistence through the programs and courses organized by the center.

Head of the students Affairs section explained that the center works continuously on developing the Islamic cultural aspects in order to achieve and deliver its message to the society.

“The Prophet, the Example” course is concerned with explaining the merits, personality, life and morals of the prophet in order to raise the Islamic cultural level for Muslims and new Muslims as well as providing students with different cultures with the most important Islamic concepts of his prophetic biography by using modern means of communication.

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