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3 donors pay the cost of Nadia eye operation in coordination with IACAD and the hotline

Monday, 11 Oct 2021

3 donors pay the cost of Nadia eye opera

Three donors paid AED 101,200, the cost of performing the operation to remove the right eye of (Nadia), as the first donor paid AED 50,000, while a female donor paid AED 41,200, and the latter AED 10000. The hot line of the Emirates Today newspaper coordinated between the donors and the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai to transfer the donation amount to the patient’s account in the hospital.

The medical report, issued by Tawam Hospital in Al-Ain, confirmed that the patient suffers with blindness in the right eye. The result of the examination showed a positive test for immunodeficiency, with repeated redness in the left eye seven years ago. She also complains of deterioration of vision, high intraocular pressure, and severe vision impairment in the left eye, and she needs surgery to remove the right eye.

(Nadia) had previously told "Emirates Today" her story, explaining that she is divorced, and her family consists of five children, and she does not have a source of income, as she does not work, as well as her children. Her family lives on the aid from friends, and she did not know how to manage the cost of the operation, and she was afraid that her condition would deteriorate, which will cause permanent loss of vision in both eyes.

She indicated that she would need to have a glass eye installed in a specialized hospital in Dubai, but as a first stage, the right eye had to be removed.

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