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IACAD announces the services provided to mosque sponsors and donors

Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021

IACAD announces the services provided to

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai is keen to raise the expectations of the public and meet their needs in line with achieving excellence and leadership by securing approved mechanisms and processes in coordination with the competent government agencies to improve the services of mosque donors and sponsors.

Adel Juma Matar, Director of the Customer Service Department, confirmed that IACAD is working continuously towards improving and facilitating its services provided to the mosque sponsors category, as the improvement process is a continuous process. Matar explained that the Donors Relations section is working to implement innovation labs for mosque donors and sponsors, taking into account their opinions to identify and analyze their needs, expectations, and suggestions to contribute to improving services by adopting the appropriate ones, with the aim of enhancing communication with the category.

On the other hand, Nouf Ibrahim Al-Madani, Head of Donors Relations section, indicated that managing requests and responding to inquiries from mosque donors and sponsors related to various religious aspects, engineering and workers in religious jobs in mosques, which is done through all available service channels. Al-Madani mentioned that the section is providing management advice to donors and mosque sponsors either personally or via available channels, indicating that the process of approving mosque documents is done through IACAD’s customer service department.

“Making the donor happy, facilitating and simplifying procedures, in coordination and cooperation with the concerned departments, are among the priorities of the Donors Relations section,” Al-Madani added, stressing that periodic visits are carried out to mosque donors and sponsors, as well as issuing letters of appreciation to the category. Al Madani pointed out that the section is sending periodic reports on the condition of the mosque to the mosques’ sponsors in order to enhance communication and raising the donor’s confidence.

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