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Mohammed bin Rashid Islamic Culture Center announces the start of the Annual Competition

Thursday, 07 Oct 2021

Mohammed bin Rashid Islamic Culture Cent

Mohammed bin Rashid Islamic Culture Center of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, announced the start of the annual competition of 2021 entitled “fadhkuruni 'adhkurkum /remember me, and I will remember you” next November. This competition is about studying Dua’s, in which it comes in line with religious cultural competitions plan of the students' affairs section in the center, in order to show the tolerance of the Islamic religion. This competition comes to apply the best ethics in Muslim daily life.

The competition is divided into 3 different levels to take into account the levels of students, first level concerns new Muslims from 2 years and less, which is to study the course and memorize selected Dua’. The intermediate and advanced levels include study the course and memorize selected Dua’, in addition to attending the classes.

The annual competition is characterized to have an online test along with oral test via Microsoft Teams app, as the participants will have a participation certificate or certificate of appreciation.

Hind Mohammed Lootah, Director of the center pointed out the efforts made by the center in creating competitions for the sake of educating Muslims and new Muslims through a package of competitive programs with the aim of encouraging male and female students from various communities residing in Dubai.

Lootah stressed that the diversity of ages and comprehensive levels are taken into account with conditions that facilitate students’ participation for this year competition year.

For more information, call the toll free number: 600800 or email customer service at

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