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Islamic legal opinion about the mother's criticism of her son in front of his wife

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2022

Islamic legal opinion about the mother's

In an interview with the Emirati magazine All the Family, in which the legal opinion was asked about whether a mother's criticism of her son in front of his wife destroys his personality, Dr. Muhammad Ayada al-Kubaisi, Senior Mufti of the Ifta Department in the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, said that the relationship between a mother and her children is one of the strongest social ties. Her position is high and dear, and no human being can compare with her, and she is naturally very interested in the interest and care of her son, but sometimes she does not realize that the boy has grown up and become a man and has a family under his responsibility, and perhaps she treats him, without paying attention to these new considerations, and she thinks that she has the right to criticize her son as she likes, without accountability or supervision, and in front of others as she is used to, and she may even offend and insult him, intentionally or unintentionally, But what she does not know is, that repeating her behavior without a valid and legitimate reason may cause her to disrespect the mother for her son, and unfortunately, this bad behavior may encourage the other brothers or sisters, especially the younger ones, to criticize her brother as well, and this may be done in an inappropriate manner in front of the woman, and the criticism can be mockery, ridicule or unjustified cruelty, and this bad treatment makes the righteous son with his mother between two fires, because inside he cannot accept such treatment, and at the same time he is careful not to hurt her feelings.

Al-Kubaisi added: "The son's criticism in front of his wife may be motivated by jealousy or with the intention of belittling him or spoiling his relationship with his wife, but what is not corrected is that it may lead to a loss of confidence in himself and his position in his house and cause the wife to reduce her respect for him and disobey him, so it will surely have a negative effect on the family and all its members, as such unwise behavior in her exceeds the bounds of etiquette and is an insult to this son and an attack on his dignity and humanity. And Allah Almighty said in His beloved Book, "And speak good to people," by which we meant good and gentle words, until Allah Almighty commanded Moses and Aaron, peace be upon them, to speak gently to Pharaoh, the greatest tyrant in history, "And speak to him with gentle speech, that perhaps he may be reminded or fear [Allah]"

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