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“Umrah for New Muslims Families” Program organizes a visit to important religious sites in Medina

Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

“Umrah for New Muslims Families” Program

The delegation of “Umrah for New Muslims Families” program went to Madinah as part of the Umrah trip for the 28 newly married couples of different nationalities, which is organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid for Islamic Culture Center, of Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

The delegation headed by Saeed bin Tuwaih, manager of the Office of Hajj and Umrah Affairs in IACAD, and Hind Mohammed Lootah, Director of the Center, as Deputy Delegation.

Six administrators were presented with the delegation in order to familiarize the participating families with how to perform the Umrah rituals properly in their first spiritual journey, which it is the fourth time in a row that Umrah trips are organized for the new Muslims. The administrative of the Prophet's Mosque welcomed the delegation with symbolic gifts to welcome their first arrival in the Holy Land; this had a positive impact on the hearts of the participating families.

For his part, Saeed bin Tuwaih, head of the delegation said: the visiting program included lectures and lessons to introduce the participants to the importance of Umrah, along with various tours and trips to explain the historical and religious importance of these holy lands. Bin Tuwaih, stressed that the performance of Umrah is a key supporter in promoting the spirit of Islamic brotherhood among new Muslims.

Hind Mohammed Lootah, Director of the Mohammed bin Rashid for Islamic Culture Center, said that the center is keen to give new Muslims the necessary religious, psychological and social support by providing such important trips, that will enable them to recognize the tolerance and humanity of the Islam religion.

It is noteworthy that the delegation visited the Prophet's Mosque, the mosque of Quba and Jabal Uhud, while explaining what the Holy Prophet and his companions were doing at these sites.

Later on, a lesson was given on how to perform Umrah in preparation for departure to Mecca.

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