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Al-Haddad: Muslims who dies by Corona Virus are martyrs

Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

Al-Haddad: Muslims who dies by Corona Vi

Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Haddad, Grand mufti, Director of the Fatwa Department in the Islamic Affairs and Charitable activities Department in Dubai, said that the pandemic of the new Corona virus that struck the countries of the world is a plague of this time. Pointing out that Muslims who dies by Corona Virus are martyrs.

Dr. Al-Haddad has a special talk with “Al-Bayan newspaper” saying that “whoever Allah has chosen from Muslims to be dead by this disease are martyr”, as it was proven in the authentic hadith “plague is a Shahada/testimony for every Muslim ”and this epidemic is the plague of this time”.

Director of the Fatwa Department explained that the provisions of washing, shrouding, prayers and burial are performed on the “corona’s dead” should be done as required by health regulations and government directives, so that none of these procedures will cause the transmission of the infection to others, confirming that public health preserving are among the purposes of Islamic Sharia.


Dr. Al-Haddad said: Allah Almighty will create in His creation whenever He wills and how He wills and on whom He wills. {Allah does not do anything wrong to people, but people themselves do wrong}, and that the affliction comes to all without specification.

Prayers for the dead

Director of the Fatwa Department affirmed that it is a collective duty for people, and it is valid for those who have missed the funeral prayer to perform the Absentee funeral prayer. Praying for the deceased in these circumstances, such as washing and shrouding it, takes place according to the ability and the requirements of health. It is easier than others, because it takes place one time, like performing the prayer in the car in front of the Congregation, as if it were in the mosque, and even that the funeral prayer is in open space is better than mosques for scholars point of view.


He noted that the condolences for the family of the deceased in this condition is a Sunnah for the living people and a right for them, especially those who know them, except that the people of the deceased should consider the sanitary condition nowadays. They have to excuse everyone from that, and abide by strict instructions in preventing handshakes, as well as embraces and kisses, or just accept the condolences remotely by electronic or paper medium.

He added that the consolation in itself is not an obligation on the people, because the means is to redress the hearts of the family of the dead.

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