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"Spinneys" supports the Community Solidarity Fund with AED 10 m

Thursday, 16 Apr 2020

Spinneys Group contributed with AED10 million to the Community Solidarity Fund against Covid-19, which launched by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, in order to achieve the goals of the fund. This initiative has positive interaction from the public and private sectors to confront the challenges araised during the current situation.

Spinneys contribution comes in response to our leadership "everyone is responsible" to overcome any economic, social or health impacts during this coming period. Despite the responsibilities that undertaking it, the Group reflects the national duty and social responsibility by supporting the fund to overcome the repercussions of the Corona Virus, in a way that presents the solidarity between the public and private sectors.

The contribution to the fund is also a portal to support the business sector from small and medium companies and individuals - the neediest - to face the repercussions of the Covid-19 epidemic. The establishment of the fund is in order to open the door to those who seek to donate to support national efforts to prevent and eliminate the virus

The Community Solidarity Fund Against COVID-19 announced by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, IACAD, aims to facilitate community contributions and donations towards combating the coronavirus outbreak under the guidance and directions of the UAE’s leadership.

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