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Private companies support the Community Solidarity Fund logistically

Monday, 27 Apr 2020

Private companies support the Community

The private sector continues its contributions and responses to the Community Solidarity Fund against Covid-19 initiative launched by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, and providing the initiative with logistical support such as health, electronic and other supplies in order to support efforts to mitigate the effects of the emerging corona virus.

Intercoil International revealed that it provided 400 free beds in addition to providing lower prices for the mattresses. While Al Rams Trading Company provided 250 fridges. In addition, Pan Emirates home furnishings provided beds and sofas to the buildings of the affected families, in order to enhance efforts in combating the epidemic and protecting the health of citizens and residents. This come according to an integrated logistic support plan and a database to secure the needs of the most affected segments of society, in all cases.

The contributions reflect an existing partnership between the private sector institutions and various community institutions to achieve sustainable development, which proves that these companies undertake and adopt the social responsibility principle. In addition, their role during this crisis is a more fundamental requirement than ever before, to maintain the development and humanitarian model of the country.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department praised the great response by the private sector, and the societal solidarity between the private and public sectors in support of the Community Solidarity Fund against Covid-19, which strengthens the commitment to our leadership directives that urge to develop the humanitarian work.

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