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AED343 million "the community Solidarity Fund" imports since April

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020

AED343 million

Ahmed Al Muhairi, executive director of the charitable work sector in the Islamic Affairs and Charitable activities Department in Dubai, revealed that the total imports of the Community Solidarity Fund against covid-19 launched by IACAD last April amounted to AED343 million, 70% of which are contributions from the private sector.

Al-Muhairi stressed to Al-Bayan newspaper that donations witnessed a qualitative development due to Corona by transferring them to institutions and associations Charity directly, instead of granting it directly to the beneficiaries, which contributed in increasing the benefit from it better than before by uniting the authorities in favor of charitable societies, whose contributions amounted to AED72 million.

The idea of the fund

The idea of establishing "community solidarity fund", came when IACAD decided to create a fund to enhance efforts to combat the outbreak Corona virus to reach the largest possible number of people in need by helping those who want to make supportive donations. These efforts and enabling them to direct their donations to this group of society, in a manner that works to reduce the health, humanitarian, economic and social consequences of this health crisis, in coordination with charitable societies and institutions and community members. Along with relevant institutions and bodies such as the Control Center, the Health Authority and the Dubai Ambulance Service Corporation.

“There are goals for the fund, including: embodying the implications of social cohesion in the Emirati society, facilitating the zakat, many of whom used to pay their zakat during the month of Ramadan. Directing all donations to one fund to have the greatest impact on society, controlling the donation process during this period, and addressing the violation by some individuals and facilities, to provide assistance to those affected by the pandemic.” Al-Muhairi said.

The executive director of the charitable work sector emphasized that charitable societies in Dubai had taken the lead in adopting the idea of the fund and supporting it after discussing its idea.

He pointed out that charitable societies and institutions have played a great role that society will not forget, and provided unlimited support to the neediest groups and focused all of their charitable programs and projects 100% inside the country since the beginning of the crisis.

“The charitable organizations’ focus on disbursing their budgets from charity and zakat funds and the rest of their income, within the country since the beginning of the Corona crisis, has boosted public confidence in their performance and efforts. It means we have witnessed a new phase of societal culture towards charitable work and its institutions in the country, as some were unaware of the true and large role of these societies and institutions when they were spending about half of their budgets and perhaps more outside the country.” Al-Muhairi said.


Ahmed Al Muhairi pointed out that IACAD when launched the fund, we decided to establish a partnership with the Control Center in Dubai to support the most affected by the repercussions of the Corona crisis, especially those that need treatment from chronic diseases to insure the costs of treatment. Or those that need to undergo a Corona examination for whom free testing does not apply, specifically the workers.

“Despite the economic, social and humanitarian impacts of the Corona virus, health has emerged as the most important needs and priorities at this stage. Therefore, the fund’s outputs go in favor of the neediest groups for treatment and care, such as workers, visitors who do not have insurance, or who have lost their jobs and are no longer able to provide for the costs of their treatment of chronic diseases.” He added.

Ahmed Al Muhairi stressed that most prominent response companies to the “Community Solidarity Fund” are Dubai Islamic Bank, Emaar, Emirates NBD, Mac Holding Investment Company, Al Shafar General Contracting Company, Dutco and Spinneys Group, and others. Much that we cherish in supporting the fund for its sense of social responsibility and national duty.

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