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Islamic Affairs And Charitable activities department

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 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the role played by the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities and the most important services that it provides?

The missions of the Islamic Affairs & Charitable
Activities Department are: 

1. Propagate the Islamic culture and develop the religious awareness. 
2. Supervise the printing of the Holy Quran, religious books and the visual and audio recordings. 
3. Establish and supervise Holy Quran memorizing schools. 
4. Care for mosques and supervise their management by coordinating with Awqaf and Minors Affairs. 
5. Supervising the construction of mosques built by individuals and coordinating that with Dubai Municipality and Awqaf and Minors Affairs. 
6. Supervising events, symposiums, conferences and religious competitions. 
7. Supervise charitable establishments and centers administratively, financially and culturally. 
8. Supervise research and Islamic studies centers and religious programs that are being broadcasted through the media. 
9. Focus on the gracefulness of Islam and emphasize that Islam is appropriate for all times and places. 
10. Enliven the Islamic heritage by collecting and investigating and studying what the Muslims need in their daily lives. Also find solutions for their problems. 
11. Translate the works that serve the issues that matter to all Muslims. 
12. Organize Haj affairs by coordinating with the specialized authorities across the country. 
13. Protect the Islamic culture and spread it. 
14. Work on the Fatawa. 
15. License issuing to all Imams, preachers, lecturers, teachers and Moathens according to the system issued by the manager. 
16. Publish a magazine that cares for Islam and use media to spread the message of that magazine. ​​​
I want to donate to build a mosque, what are the steps for doing so?
  • request for land reservation from Dubai Municipality
  • passport photo for the donor
  • Assign a consultant to make schemes graphics.
  • submit the plans for approval by the engineering & service department .
  • adoption of blueprints by Dubai Municipality.
  • Adoption of final schemes after its adoption by the engineering & service department and Dubai municipality
I want to obtain information about Islam, how?
  • The Department of Islamic Affairs  provides this data by :
  • department website via Contact us service
  • provide public lectures and teach Arabic to non-Muslims
  • distribution of books in public places
What is the procedure to declare Islam for non-Muslims, and what are the steps for that ?
  • requested documents from the new Muslim (a copy of the passport and two personal photos )
  • Fill conversion to Islam request, and put the signature of the new muslim on it
  • Providing full explanation about Islam for the new Muslim by the section guide
  • providing the new Muslim with religious books in his proficient language
  • publicity Islam of the new Muslim is recognized by the staff authorized to publicity and publicity adoption  in the application form of convert to Islam
  • transfer the request application and attachments to the employee competent to issue a certificate of conversion to Isla
What are the services provided by the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable activities of the new Muslims ?
  • provide religious lectures in different languages in different overseas destinations .
  • workshops (ablution education, prayer, short verses memorization ,fiqeh courses)
  • distribution of multiple languages books
  • organize programmers and activities (Ramadan at programmed, which includes several activities including: group iftar activity, visit the sick, Eid Gifts, fatwa Ramadan (
  • organize programmers and activities (Ramadan at programmed, which includes several activities including: group iftar activity, visit the sick, Eid Gifts, fatwa Ramadan (
  • Effectiveness of valuable dialogue with other nations .
  • organizing entertainment trips
  • participation in festivals and events such as Dubai Shopping Festival by providing lectures, competitions and workshops . 
I have a complaint about a mosque in Dubai or employee of the mosque, what are the means available to make a complaint?
  • The Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities receives complaints, whether about mosques or employees of the mosques through the following means:
  • The department website (click here to go to the contact us screen)
  • personal attendance to the department of engineering & service department in the case of mosque complaints
  • By telephone (Tel No. 04-2639333 – (By fax (fax: 04-2610149)
want to set up religious activity or host a preacher in a mosque, what are the conditions and procedures for that ?


  • Lecturer:  the person who presents the activity
  • applicant: is all official and semi-official administration who wish to perform any religious activity in Emirate of Dubai .
  • activity: is any lesson or lecture or a session or memorization or distribute material or scientific seminar or a conference or campaign or actions or other
Procedure of action :
  • The receipt of applications:
  • The receipt of application form for the performance of a religious activity and the c.v. of the preacher, either through e-mail, fax or manually.
  • Auditing :
  • The officer ensures that all data are complete and correct, and in the case of any lack in information the administrator of the activity will be contacted to complete the remaining deficiencies.
  • Showing the request to the Committee to take the approval for the lecturers .
  • After taking approval from the Commission, the approval of management of direction and guidance in coordination with the charitable activity section is required in case that the applicant belongs to them, like charities, religious centers, holy quran memorizing centers.
  • Issuance of permit
  • permit is issued and signed by the Director of the Department of direction and guidance with a serial number given to it
  • Handover permit to the related holders manually or by fax making sure the permit reached them
  • Send a copy to the Control Section for follow-up of the activity
  • send a copy to the charitable activity department to keep in the case that the applicant belong to them.

What is the type of services provided for families (of interest to the family) provided by the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable work?
  • provide religious lectures on (schools - mosques - Special meetings - women's groups - religious centers)
  • courses in the (tajweed- memorization - the interpretation of the quran) – quran Competitions .
  • courses in fiqeh al ibadat (induction course for the coming pilgrimage to perform the Hajj in the month of !!!
  • Arbitration in the Koran competitions for all schools (for girls) and boys primary school
  • programs for children (participation in the religious programs during the summer activities at public libraries / children Libraries  July - summer courses and a variety of competitions for children in Dubai and Hatta in the rural family center - Women's Association - Sheikha Mithae Center for the Disabled Special needs – Hatta schools, Mazira, almanii and Masfout in June, July and August (
  • activating religious occasions (week of Biography of the Prophet - the Prophet's hijra – and the Israa and Mi'raaj (
  • •provide religious booklets and brochures
  • Provide a variety of programs (the talk of Hearts / scientific sessions Introduced to the public (women and men) – if you visited him you would have found me there campaign / campaign targeting the category of patients of women and children
want to go to the Hajj or Umrah, does the Department of Islamic affairs arrange pilgrimage campaigns and can I participate in it ?
  • You can register to perform the pilgrimage through contact Hajj and Umrah section in the Department of Islamic Affairs, provided that you have never performed a pilgrimage Before, and registration will be announced is daily newspapers.
  • The registration for Umrah is still under study .
Does the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable activities provide interpretation of dreams service?
  • No,the  Department of Islamic affairs doesn't provide dream interpretation service.

Contact Info

What are the times of the official work of the department
Working hours Monday to Thursday: from (07:30)AM to (15:30)PM
For Friday: from (07:30)AM to (12:00)PM​
Are there other branches that represent Islamic Affairs and charitable activities dept. in the other Emirates or other countries?

No,there are no other branches of the Department of Islamic Affairs in the UAE or other countries . ​

How do I reach up to the Department of Islamic and charitable activities ? Is there a site map ?

  • Yes, we have a site map,
  • click here to go to the site map for the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable activities.

General Inquiries

Who is responsible authority monitoring the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable activities ? Is the Department of Islamic Affairs a governmental department ?
  • The Department of Islamic Affairs is a governmental department fully affiliated to the Dubai Smart Government .

What is the role played by the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities and the most important services that it provides?

Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities is Specialized in the following tasks

  • dissemination of Islamic culture and the development of religious awareness .
  • supervising the printing of the noble Quran, books and audio and video recordings and its distribution .
  • establishment of Quran in schools and decent supervision
  • Taking care & maintenance of mosques to play their role fully and overseeing the administration, in coordination with the institution of Awqaf and Minors Affairs Dept .
  • overseeing the construction of mosques that individuals are wishing to set up in coordination with Dubai Municipality and Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation.
  • overseeing the celebrations, symposiums and conferences and religious competitions .
  • administrative supervision of the centers  and charities , financially and culturally, and adopt their own programs.
  • supervision of the research centers and Islamic studies and religious programs, especially the published and broadcast through the media, print and audio visual .
  • highlight the virtues of Islam and that it is the religion of humanity which is  good for every time and place .
  • Islamic Heritage Revival by collection, investigation and study which meets the need of Muslims to Insight to their creed and resolve their problems .
  • translate paper works serving Islamic issues.
  • management of the pilgrimage in coordination with the concerned parties in the country .
  • work to preserve the Islamic heritage, revive and publish it.
  • express fatwa in matters of legitimacy referred to the department.
  • granting of work Licenses to imams and preachers and mosque preachers, teachers and mua’azen ,according to the System issued by the Director on this matter .
  • issuing a magazine taking care of the message of Islam and Insight good faith and use all media available to it.​

What is the difference between the complaint and the Notification ?
  • notification: means, any observation monitored and informed to the concerned authority to take necessary action and communicate with the client to indicate what will be done .
  • complaint: means repeating the notification for not taking the necessary action and neglect of the subject or lack of communication leading to a disgruntled client
I want distribute tapes or religious material in a mosque, what steps and conditions exist for that?
  • You should come to the Department to fill in the required request for that, or contact the Department of Islamic Affairs / Department of direction and guidance for the request by fax
Can I subscribe at the site of the department for getting the latest events & activities via short messages(SMS)?
  • Currently we do not support subscription for these services, but in the near future it will be available inshaallah .
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where i can find the service fee?

Go to services --> select any service you want , the fee will appear in the servcie card under the field fees.​

I have some objections or observations & comments on the design of the site or its contents, how can I inform you about that?

  • We welcome any comments from our clients, you can let us know by any means of communication modes available to us,
  • Click here to go to the contact us screen.
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