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 Innovation policy

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) is committed to providing distinctive, innovative and high-quality services to all concerned groups by spreading and promoting the concept of Islamic culture, developing charitable work and managing mosque affairs. IACAD is also keen on providing a safe and healthy work environment with optimal utilization of available resources while managing it effectively and efficiently. 
IACAD has prepared an "innovation policy" in line with the main axes of the Department's strategy, "global Islamic leadership", “pioneering and innovative charity” and “sustainable mosques”, to define IACAD commitment to support and encourage creativity and innovation as well as empowering employees with the appropriate tools and means to create an attractive environment for innovation.

The objectives of the “Innovation policy” are commitment to the following:
Supporting Dubai government's approach to innovation and creating a work environment that stimulates innovation.
Turning the concept of innovation into effective and lasting work and institutional culture in the Department.
Building a set of goals according to the innovation field compatible with the nature of the Department's work.
Developing a supportive work environment for the Department’s employees and promoting creativity and innovation among them while providing supportive resources.
Adherence to the innovation principles by achieving the value from the applied ideas, supporting the leaders to foresee the future, building a strategy based on innovation, supporting future visions, aspirations and goals, and ensuring that the Department adapts to future changes and uses multiple systems at work by applying the innovation system. 
Receiving, analyzing and maintaining the ideas through appropriate channels, along with supporting the implementation of innovative projects by providing the necessary resources.
Encouraging employees to participate actively in the innovation processes with its various stages, including submitting proposals, creative ideas, rewarding, motivating and honoring the employees.
Protecting the ideas and preserving the intellectual property rights of the employees and the Department in accordance with the approved procedures, laws and regulations in the UAE.
Facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge in order to provide the appropriate environment to stimulate the process of generating creative ideas.
Ensuring the management of all types of knowledge and its availability in the Department to facilitate the process of accessing and benefiting from it.
Searching for sustainable relationships with partners, enhancing internal and external cooperation with the concerned groups, and working with them in order to achieve common goals by sharing expertise, resources, knowledge and innovative solutions.
Commitment to meet legal, legislative and other requirements related to business ethics and institutional sustainability.
Effective management of innovation projects and activities in accordance with the best international benchmarks and practices in line with IACAD culture and its nature of work.
Identifying the risks from the innovation processes and apply the best practices to ensure the effectiveness of the taken actions.
Continuous commitment to improving the organizational innovation management system in accordance with ISO 56002: 2019 and in accordance with best practices in innovation.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department and its employees believe that the realization of this policy comes through the application of an innovation management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 56002: 2019. The development will continue with the requirements to confirm its effectiveness, and will review the system in accordance with the approved processes periodically.

Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh Ahmed Al Shaibani
General Director

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