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Islamic Affairs And Charitable activities department

Dubai Government

 Risk management policy

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) is committed to ensuring and promoting Islamic culture, developing charitable work, and managing mosque affairs. IACAD is also keen on limiting risk effects and enhancing the role of the internal control system to contribute in early detection of risks in order to reduce the expected negative consequences with an effective plan to control the risks. IACAD has prepared a "risk policy" in accordance with the ISO 31000: 2018 requirements, which is committed to the following: 

Link the risk management system to IACAD’s objectives, policies and processes, and review it periodically.
Incorporating the concepts of risk management and risk-based thinking within its culture.
Provide the necessary resources to manage risks efficiently and effectively.
Executing measurement and reporting processes using appropriate performance indicators.
Defining responsibilities, roles and authorities within the risk management system, and dealing with points of overlap or duplication mechanisms about internal or external risks.
Risk management system continuous development in accordance to ISO 31000: 2018 and in line with the best practices in risk management methods.

Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh Ahmed Al Shaibani
Director General

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