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Islamic Affairs And Charitable activities department

Dubai Government


Service name Application to rebuild a masjid
Service purpose Contribution of category of society to improve services provided in Masajid in Emirate of Dubai through demolition and rebuilding of the same.
Target audience Individuals of society
Supplied by Donators Relations Section
Service duration Within fifteen working days
Required documents Approved Application Form Valid passport Copy of Donators Copy of ID Card issued by UAE
Procedure Submission of the application Study of the application Issuing of certificate or reply apologize
Supported languages Arabic, English
Fees Free
Means available to the inquiry or complaints and suggestions regarding this service

Personal appearance before one of the service
centers that subordinates to the department
Unified communication center on No. 80060
Application of Smart services of the department
Fax: 0097146087450​
Our partners in providing the service Dubai Municipality
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