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 eQuran Moshaf Alchaykh Maktoum

On the directives of His Highness, Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to issue the Holy Quraan, following the way of Hafs following Asim (two scholars who adopted one way of formation, pronunciation, and reading of Quraan) , in a new style of writing, scientific excellence, artistic decoration, and printed in luxury. The task was entrusted to calligrapher, Jamal Bustan. In the line of those directives, two resolutions have been issued:
The first resolution was related to the formation of a higher committee whose members are of senior reciters, of the Quraan, in the Arab world. The second resolution was to form a committee of specialists, from the Department of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, in Dubai.
The two Committees assumed overseeing of the reading, the reviewing, and checking of what was written by the calligrapher. They based their tasks Ummahatul-Kutub on writing, formation, stopping and starting, type of reading and interpretation.

The first edition of the Quraan was in year 2003. The edition was noted for its disti​nction, in terms of writing and decoration - having been audited and monitored, in regard to technical artistry and typography. There were many other advantages due to the integrity of the text, writing and formation and settings.

Consecutively, many editions have been printed with different sizes, under high-level of scientific supervision

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