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Organizational Chart​

  • Mohammad Musabeh Dhahi


    Acting Executive Director of the Charitable Work Sector
  • Follow up & developement office

  • Mohammad Musabeh Dhahi

    Mohammad Musabeh Dhahi

    Director Of Charitable Institutions Department
    Charitable Establishments & Activities Licensing Section
    Charitable Establishments & Activities Follow up and Development Section
    Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Alhabtoor

    Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Alhabtoor

    Director Of Charitable Projects Department
    Local Projects Section
    Overseas Projects Section
    Abdullah Alkhubi alshehi

    Abdullah Alkhubi alshehi

    Director Of Zakat & Charity Affairs Department
    Zakat & Charity Collection & Developement
    Zakat & Charity Dispensation Section
  • Mohammed al falasi

    Dr. OMAR Mohammed AL KHATIB

    Executive Director of the Islamic Affairs Sector
  • Follow up & developement office

  • Hamad Mohammed Alkhazraji

    Hamad Mohammed Alkhazraji

    Director Of Islamic Foundations Department
    Quran Memorisation Centres Licensing and Follow-up Section
    Islamic Foundations Licensing and Follow-up Section
    Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Alhaddad

    Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Alhaddad

    Director Of Iftaa Department
    Fatwa Section
    Fatwa Documentation and Archiving Section
    Adel Juma Almata

    Adel Juma Almatar

    Director Of Hajj & Umrah Affairs Office
    Dr. Ali Hassan Almarzooqi

    Dr. Ali Hassan Almarzooqi

    Director Of Research Department
    Research Community Survey Section
    Quran Publication Inspection Section
    Mawaqeet and Ahelah Section
    Mohamed Mehad Alsuwaidi

    Mohamed Mehad Alsuwaidi

    Director Of Edification and Religious Guidance Department
    Religious Awarness Section
    Religious Guidance Section
    Hind Mohammed Bin Lootah

    Hind Mohammed Bin Lootah

    Director Of Mohammed Bin Rashid Islamic Culture Center Department
    New Muslims Affairs Section
    Intercultural Communication Section
    Learners Affairs Section
    Hamda Ahmad Almuhairi

    Hamda Ahmad Almuhairi

    Director Of Islamic Knowledge Programs Department
    Al Mezhar Islamic Culture Centre
    Umm Al Sheif Islamic Culture Centre
    Nad Al Sheba Centre for Women
    Female Students and Teachers Affairs Section
    Jassem Mohd Alkhazraji

    Jassem Mohd Alkhazraji

    Dep. of Maktoum Holy Quran Memomrization Center
    Male Students and Teachers Affairs Section
    Female Students and Teachers Affairs Section

    Mohammed Ali al falasi

    Executive Director of the Mosque Affairs Sector
  • Follow up & developement office

  • Eng. Mohammed Jasmin Almansori

    Eng. Mohammed Jasmin Almansori

    Director Engineering & Masjid Care Department
    Masjid Care Section
    Engineering Section
    Dr. Mohammed Suhail Al Muhiri

    Dr. Mohammed Suhail Al Muhiri

    Director of Masjid Religious Service Department
    Religious Service Section
    Supervision & Guidance Section
    Masjid Personnel Affairs Section
    Ahmed Abdulla Kangzar

    Ahmed Abdulla Kangzar

    Director of External Centers Department
    Hatta Center
    Al Lisali Center
    Jabal Ali Center


    Executive Director of the Corporate support Sector
  • Follow up & developement office

  • Saeed Abdulla Bin Towaih

    Saeed Abdulla Bin Towaih

    Director Of Customer Service Department
    Customer Service Section
    Doner Relations Section
    Shaikha Sultan Almarri

    Shaikha Sultan Almarri

    Director of Communication & Marketing Directorate
    Media Section
    Public Relations Section
    Marketing and Events Section
    Nassir Khamis Mubarak

    Nassir Khamis Mubarak

    Director Of Information Technology Department
    Smart Services Section
    Technical Support Section
    Network & Operating Systems Section
    Yousif Saad Albusmait

    Yousif Saad Albusmait

    Director Of Human Resources Department
    Manpower Studies Section
    Planning & Recruitment Section
    Human Resources Development Section
    Personnel Affairs Section
    Yousif Saad Albusmait

    Noora Qassim Abdulla

    Director Of Administrative and Financial Affairs Dep
    Accounts and Budget Section
    Administrative Affairs Section
    Property and Warehouse Section
    Contracts and Puchasing Section
  • Marwan Mohammed Al Shehi

    Marwan Mohammed Al Shehi

    Executive Director of the Legal Affairs
    External Audit and Control Section
    Internal Audit and Control Section
  • Abdullah Obaid Al Dallal

    Abdullah Obaid Al Dallal

    Executive Director of the Strategic Management and Institutional Excellence Department
    Quality and Operations Section
    Strategy and Performance Section
    Excellence and Competitiveness Section
  • Ahmed Abdullah Bahlooq

    Ahmed Abdullah Bahlooq

    Executive Director of the Governance and Audit Department

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